Saturday, April 6, 2013

07-08 Sweet Shot Petr Kalus Auto Rookie

And I keep them coming, this is the last of my auto rookie Sweet Shot posts, worry not there are still more other Sweet Shot posts on their way. Mr. Kalus is by no means a household name, but the card is still a looker in my opinion. Petr's situation is an interesting one because he only has 11 NHL games in his career yet, has 4 goals and an assist. I think it was a case of Petr not producing in the AHL therefore he never really got another NHL shot when time would come for call-ups. As a result, Petr is overseas and I am guessing he will likely never be back. Still, it is a Sweet Shot rookie and it set me back less than 2 dollars so, why not? 

07-08 Sweet Shot Petr Kalus Sweet Beginnings Auto /100
Not entirely sure what that auto says, but it is on-card with blue sharpie and my guess is Petr Kalus, though I wouldn't be surprised if it said "Kelp Way"

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