Monday, April 8, 2013

07-08 Sweet Shot Marc Staal Auto

At long last, the final of the Sweet Shot posts. This time it is my fellow Thunder Bay boy Marc Staal. This is my second rookie year auto of a Staal boy with my other being a 06-07 Jordan Staal BAP one (I actually traded away my original and bought another after traders remorse). I still have yet to land an Eric Staal, but I may have to try and get it through the TTM route!

07-08 Sweet Shot Puck Signings Marc Staal 
Here is another puck signings for the collection. Silver sharpie on a fake puck. Very similar auto to Jordan's which is very cool to see and even Eric's has some similarity so some day these will be a neat trio! I actually landed this card for free last year thanks to eBay dollars.


  1. Marc has pretty much the same signature that his brother Jordan does, where it looks more like hieroglyphics than an actual name.

    1. I know, I think it is actually cool that they are so similar. I know my handwriting is similar to my father's but my signature has a life of its own.