Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jack Valiquette Rookie

Jack seems to be creeping on me or something. First it began with me finding his card in my 79-80 Topps Mystery box and I read about his great season with the Rockies. Then I found him at the local flea market where I bought his autograph, which it turns out he has some nice penmanship. 

Well yesterday, I went to the LCS to buy the 79/80 OPC mystery box for 1967ers and I was drawn to a pair of boxes with 76/77 OPC. Both boxes appears to be full, not all are 76/77 OPC, but I knew I had my Bryan Trottier rookie, so I figured it would be worth the gamble on the two boxes. The guys wanted 20 a box, and I went home and found something I give up in trade that way the boxes would not cost me anything out of pocket. 

I will share the results in my next post, but here is one card I found in those boxes. *actually a couple copies, but this is pretty typical of the better cards in the box.

76/77 OPC #294 Jack Valiquette Rookie
 Here is the front, many cards in the set seem to have players doing this pose.

Here is the back of Jack's rookie. A decent first season, I believe the Leafs were hoping he would be a solid star, possibly of Sittler calibre. Of course, from my previous post on the topic of Jack, we know that didn't work out so well.


  1. Dave, if you have any dupes that you are willing to part with from the 76-77 OPC, please let me know at rmitchell6700 at yahoo.


  2. SWEET MOTHER... Robert beat me to it. darn eastern time zone people!

  3. Those things are in nice shape. Must have been some serious boxes there!