Monday, July 2, 2012

Adam Larsson Hot Rookie

This is the second last post about cards I picked up with my 100 dollars I would have spent on Score boxes.  One card I wanted to get was an SP rookie from the set because of a couple of reasons. The first reason is there was an SP'd rookie featuring a New Jersey Devil, the second being if I had bought some boxes I would have landed some of these cards so why wouldn't I try to land one.

Funny story about this card is it is actually the second one I have purchased. I sent the first one I purchased in a trade with another blogger (The Real DFG I think). Anyway, I landed this one for a little less than I paid for the first one, but it was the first price that I included in my 100 dollar spending spree.

11/12 Score Adam Larsson Hot Rookie
Adam came out of the gate hot for the Devils and played very well most of the season. However, his inexperience with long seasons did come to the surface toward the end of the season as he just seemed to run out of gas and found himself being a healthy scratch down the stretch. However, I think he learned a lot and will be an excellent defenseman in the years to come. The deep playoff run will certainly only help his career in the NHL.

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