Friday, July 6, 2012

The hits keep coming!! 1:2500 Hit

I am riding my hottest streak of my life. I just got back from the store where I was picking up some Tostitos for my wife when I decided to buy a pack or two of series 2 Upper Deck. In the second of two packs was a Young Gun of some Malone guy and this card!!

not the exact card because it is too dark in my house to take a photo, but this card nonetheless

A Brad Marchand Day with the Cup card. These cards are super rare and super uninteresting to me. I can't believe my luck, and if there are any Bruins fans out there going after this set or want this card let me know ASAP. I am going to fire it up on eBay this weekend if anyone wants it first. I would rather trade it to someone I know than sell it to some person on eBay. Also, I am not looking for anything crazy for it either as it isn't worth a lot to me personally.

I sure hope my luck continues! * I know it will end someday soon :(


  1. I might be into that card if for no other reason than to send it to Capt'n Canuck.

    Seriously though, what are you looking to get out of it?

  2. I think the Nose-faced Killah is one of Cap'n all-time fav Bruins. This would make the perfect Christmas gift....

    just kidding :)