Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Back Checking - Anders Lindback

Going into the off-season this year, Anders Lindback was drawing a fair bit of interest from several NHL clubs and I thought that if I was going to get a good deal on a rookie of his, I might want to buy before he is dealt. Sure enough a week or two later he was traded to Tampa Bay which is a pretty good place to end up.

Now Tampa has three really solid goaltending prospects with Janus, Lindback and Tokarski all hoping to land a future starting role with the Lightning.

Here is the rookie card I landed of Anders Lindback. It is from the 11/12 UD Ice set, which features their usual Ice Premiers Acetate cards.

11/12 UD Ice #71 Anders Lindback
Here is the front view. I think UD did a nice job with this card, pretty cool layout and a good balance of "see-thruness" and opacity. The foil UD logo gives the card a little more class and this is a level 2 card so it is numbered to /999. There are also rookies numbered to /1999, /499 and /99.

The back side
Wow. I see a number, a position and a card number. Who is Anders Lindback? What does he do on the weekends? How many DUI's does he have in his home country? Is he a bachelor? None of these answers are on the back of these cards. My biggest disappointment is on the back of this card. Such a solid front design and pretty much NOTHING on the back, just Anders staring back at me. What are your thoughts? Is this artistic or lazy? I love my ice rookies, but this seems like UD didn't care to put anymore time into the design after the front.


  1. I actually like the backs with almost nothing on it...the acetate is nice to see front and back and if there were a paragraph on the back I think it might ruin the acetate design.

  2. The back is a little boring isn't it?

  3. Interesting views Michael. I figured some must like it if UD ok'ed the design, but I tend to think it is more on the boring side myself too.