Sunday, July 1, 2012

Jordan Eberle Game Used Rookie

Here is another post about what I used my extra cash on instead of buying countless boxes of 11/12 Score. One thing I have really been wanting is a game used card of Jordan Eberle from his rookie season. I ended up buying this gem in the fall for an excellent price. The "value" of this card has nearly doubled as the season has gone bye which means I saved myself a few bucks because of my obsession over this kid has certainly increased!

10/11 Zenith Rookie Roll Call Jordan Eberle 
This card is a beaut in person. The crazy Nufex foil action in combination with a nice orange swatch is nothing but eye candy. My only complaint is a high-end product like Zenith should have serial numbered cards. I mean they went through all that trouble with Pinnacle, why not Zenith? Petty complaints aside, I really do like this card and being able to have a few extra bucks to pick it up certainly made it affordable.

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