Thursday, July 26, 2012

A few more 53-54 Parkies

The more I see from this set, the more I am in love. As I mentioned a few posts back, I picked up a lot of 5 53-54 Parkhurst cards, and here are what would be cards 7-10 of my set. The set has 100 cards so I guess that makes me 10% done!

#89 Real Chevrefils
 Real had his best season in 56-57 when he scored 31 goals and was named to the NHL's Second All-Star team. However, injuries and his demons would get the better of him and by the age of 27 he was no longer in the NHL.

#62 Nick Mickoski
 Broadway Nick spent 8 seasons with the Rangers before being trade with Allan Stanley to the Black Hawks in 1954. Nick was considered to be a pretty strong all-round player and in 1956 he played in the NHL all-star game.

#5 Tod Sloan
 Maybe the best player in the lot, Tod played in three all-star games and won two Stanley Cups. Tod also finished in the top 10 scoring three times in his career with his best season coming in 55-56. That year, he scored 37 goals and added 29 assists for 66 points. His 37 goals were good enough for 4th that season.

#36 Earl Reibel
This was the only rookie card in the lot, and Earl came into the NHL after leading the Edmonton Flyers in scoring during the 52-53 WHL season. Earl had four great seasons with the Red Wings before dropping off the map. His best season was in 54-55 where he LEAD the Red Wings in scoring. That is right, he had more points than Howe, Delvecchio and Kelly. Reibel managed to score 25 goals and 66 points that season which was good enough for 4th in the NHL that season. Reibel also won the Lady Byng in 1956. I am not sure what happened to him after the 57 season, but after the age of 28 he was out of the NHL.

That was the rest of the lot with the Al Rollins card. I hope to land a few more from this set in the near future and maybe even a few in better condition. As you can see, this lot was on the rough side, but then again with shipping it was about 3 bucks a card, more than worth it to me!


  1. Of the first four Parkhurst releases, this one always was the one I regarded least. Seeing these posts makes me rethink that. I think it might have the best goalie shots of anything from 1951 through the arrival of Upper Deck.

  2. I am glad to hear you are having a positive affect from my posts. I ALMOST like this set as much as 51. Time will tell if I feel this way when I finish this set though...