Monday, July 23, 2012

88-89 Esso All-Stars - Bobby Orr

A while back I was in my LCS shop picking up supplies when I noticed a pile of new cards. I thumbed through and I found an auto of Chris Ferraro which prompted me to make a new series of posts on Dirty Dangle called Cup of Coffee. I want to thank Mark and Toby for providing me an awesome avenue to write and have many more readers see my work (or whatever you call my ramblings).

I also found a "sticker" of Bobby Orr with a price that was just calling me to buy it. They wanted 5 bucks for the auto and 3 bucks for Mr. Orr, but 5 bucks ended up bringing them both home. I think the book value on this is like 2 bucks, but it is just a cool looking sticker that I felt it was worth that to me. Orr will always be a Bruin to me and here he is helmetless and poised to strike.

I am not too sure if this was actually from his playing days or at some charity event, but I would guess by the clothing on the people watching, it is likely from an NHL game.

For those interested, the set consists of 48 cards which have self adhesive backs and it books for 15 bucks. I have seen them on eBay for about 10-20 bucks plus shipping and there are some pretty cool stars in the set including: Gretzky, Dryden, Lemieux, Messier, Mikita, and Howe. The was also an album for them, but I have only ever seen pictures of it.

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  1. I remember these. I'm fairly certain I nabbed the set back in '88. It wasn't a bad-looking set at all. Unfortunately, it's buried in a box that I've abandoned all hope of reaching for at least the next year or more.