Thursday, August 11, 2011

WTF is an NHL Event Used Card?

I like game-used memorabilia cards almost as much as I like autos. I collect them, and I am trying to get cards from each NHL team and cards from my favourite players past and present. Some companies do a better job than others making these cards and certain sets have larger swatches and more pieces than others. I also get a fair bit of excitement pulling one from a pack and I do consider buying products that contain jersey cards.

A little while back I was on eBay and saw a few auctions with free shipping and players who I am fans of. So I threw a couple cheap bids on them and ended up with two of them. So for about 5 bucks shipping included I got two quad swatch cards from the 09-10 Black Diamond.

Dale Hawerchuk (huge fan)

Glenn Anderson (gotta respect the 'stache and the 2-50 goal seasons)

But what is most interesting is the colour of the swatches. They looked a bit like they were from the Eastern Conference All Star Jerseys from the mid-90's except for the red piece on Dale's card and Glenn never played in a 1990's All-Star game.

The backs of both cards proclaim that I have received a swatch that was "used in an official NHL event". Does that mean All-Star game? or does it mean Old-Timers game? I do have some 08-09 SP Game Used Duals of Bob Bourne, Billy Smith and Anton Stastny which state on the back they were "used in an official event". Please note the lack of NHL and the front of the three cards shows the player in their Old-Timers uniforms.

So I am not 100% sure where the jerseys came from, but the price was still right and I am still happy to have them in my collection, but I am still not sure what story is behind them. I really wish UD would take some more time in giving collectors an idea of what they own exactly especially when you consider these two cards would be hits that fall 2 per box in a relatively expensive product.


  1. official event could be anything where they represented their team. A luncheon at the Legion. Signing autographs at a Safeway. A card company organized photo shoot.


  2. Wow...I figured there was a difference between an Event and an NHL Event. Clearly not....Still would be neat to know which event each swatch came from!

  3. That Anderson swatch looks like an almost identical colour to a swatch I have on a Richard Brodeur NHL event used card...hmmm...wonder if they've played in any All-Star Games together??

  4. The first-ever patch card I bought was an Anton Stralman auto from The Cup. I thought the whole thing was kind of iffy when I first saw it, then when I read on the back that it was an "event-worn" item rather than game-worn.

    It was also my last patch.

  5. Yeah funny how that ends up being the case all too often with The Cup rookies. I wonder if the 10K Sidney Crosby RC from The Cup is event worn as well?

    BTW 1967ers, looking at some of your great cards on your blog I would never consider buying new cards if I owned them!