Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Wax Stain Love

Call it Sympathy for the Wax Stain or Wax Stain Love, but either way I am beginning to warm up to the leftover waxy residue. Ever since I started blogging and of course reading other people's blogs, my opinions on somethings have changed. I have definitely gained an appreciate for other things and I think naturally due to the name of my website I have learned to stop worrying about the condition and love the stain.

Here is an 83-84 OPC Ken Houston card with a Wax Stain on the front.
I am not sure if I will ever get anyone to truly love the front side stain. As you can see, it doesn't really enhance the photo of the card, but it does add character! But, I am sure Ken Houston wishes his last NHL card didn't have the stain on the front.

87-88 Topps Ron Hextall

Here is a back side stain.

The funny thing is, I received this card from Sal at and he was kind enough to give it to me as I think he felt it needed to be in my collection. Truth is, the card actually is quite meaningful on MANY levels. First of all, my favourite goalie of all-time (Martin Brodeur) copied and studied a lot of what Ron Hextall did with the puck and really helped transform the game of hockey and subsequently was so good handling the puck they instituted a stupid rule (the trapezoid). So in a sense, Ron and Marty are pioneers of puck handling.

Secondly, I played a lot of hockey as a kid which included street hockey. When I played street hockey, I was ALWAYS a goalie. I had my own equipment which included a Vic Ron Hextall goalie stick!

Lastly I own the 87-88 OPC set and a few stray Hextall OPC RCs but no where in my collection do I have a Topps version so this card is just that much more special.

But when you look at the stain on the back, is it really that bad? You look at the front and it is pristine and on the back where there is only text you see a little discolouration. Nothing crazy, but a little waxy discolouring which 4 sharp corners. You can land some seriously discounted cards based on a little Wax Stain and really just be receiving a card with a little more character and a small waxy bonus!

Case and point.

Ken Dryden Topps Rookie:
BV $125
eBay Price $145 for a PSA 7

Seller says it is NM with a Wax Stain and you can own it for 70 bucks!

Just some food for thought. Thanks again Sal for a nice card, I will enjoy it in my PC.

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  1. Wax stains on the front don't worry me that much because they're pretty simple to get rid of if they annoy me. I tend to avoid stains on the back because they can't be corrected.