Thursday, August 4, 2011

Parkhurst Project - Card 11

The latest addition to my 51-52 Parkhurst set isn't pretty. As you can see, it looks like Steve had a run in with some glue at one point in his life. Oddly enough, the backside of the card is pretty clean so most of the glue was on the front of this card, or the backside of another.

Steve Kraftcheck

Certainly not the nicest of the Parkies in my set thus far, but the price certainly was right as I won it with a $2.99 bid. For basically the price of a pack of Pinnacle, I won a card that is 60 years old and is a little worse for the wear. They all count I guess, but I am not going to make a habit of getting ones this rough.

Stephen had a pretty short NHL career of just 4 seasons, but did play pro hockey in the AHL for an additional 13 seasons. He was a strong and talented AHL defenseman who just couldn't recreate the AHL numbers in the NHL. His final NHL line was 157 games, 11 goals and 29 points.

Card #92 and #11 of 105 in my set

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$5.49 with shipping

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  1. Great pickup! Condition aside I think we've all spent 3 bucks on something waaaaay worse than this.

  2. Tape from an album, maybe?

    I always liked that card. Don't know why.

  3. Good point Shane, and I like the card too! Looks like an action shot and he is going to receive a pass or throw a check.