Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Card of the Week - Patrick Sharp

Been a slow week for hockey news and a slow month for TTMs. Just got back my Ilya Kovalchuk and much like Sal predicted, it was unsigned. I am convinced he didn`t even see the cards or letter and likely was intercepted. So I too will suggest any Devils fans out there looking for autos, send it to the player's home!!!

One news worthy point is my hometown boy Patrick Sharp has landed some big bucks. 5 years and 29.5 million dollars. Not a bad combination for either side really as Patrick has been playing well for the last 4 years in Chicago. He had a career high 71 points in 74 games and has averaged 28 goals a year since 06-07. He is going to turn 30 years old this season so this contract is an appropriate length in my opinion as well.

09-10 Champs Threads - Patrick Sharp
I was never much of a fan of Champs in the beginning, but I bit on it 09-10. I bought two blaster boxes from Toys R Us for 10 bucks a piece and managed to get nearly half the set and two jersey hits. Patrick Sharp was the second hit and Doug Gilmour (in a Blues uniform) was the first. I have slowly been piecing the set together through trades mostly, but still have a little way to go. This was one set I was pretty sad to see get the axe from Upper Deck, but it looks like it will be back next year as an insert in the Parkhurst release.
Back side

Here is the backside of the card. Nothing too special, the card is about the size of the old tobacco cards but is quite thick. I think I like these cards a little more than the typical jersey cards. Maybe it is because it has a good cardboard/swatch ratio or maybe it is just because they seem classier....I don't know.

How I received the card: Opened it from a blaster box pack

Card value: 3 - 8 dollars (unlisted star)


  1. I never even thought of the cardboard/swatch ratio on these things in the past. I think they just became more appealing to me.

  2. They are surprisingly cheap on eBay too. I have seen lots of 10 and 12 go for under 20 with shipping!

  3. Dave, I have one or two swatch/autos from this set (no-name players) that I'd be happy to send along with the 78-79 Topps wrapper. If you're interested let me know!

  4. I like the look of these cards; I don't think they have any in stock at my local Toys R Us but I;ll stop in next time - $10 a box, very nice.

  5. I love this set and found $7 blasters at the National so I ended up buying 7 of them. I pulled 5 jerseys and a bunch of colored parallels and minis I need so it was well worth it. I also have the remaining base cards you need for the set so I'll send you an email. I probably have other stuff on your list so I'll do some digging and let you know.

  6. @Brad I would recommend it for sure, the card design is nice and you never know, you could land a museum piece!

    @Nick B I would love to work out a trade so drop me a line when you have a chance and send me a list of what you are looking for as I might have it and just didn't list it on my for trade list.