Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Video Break - 1983-84 OPC Pack 1 of 2

OK, so finally I made a video worth watching. 1983-84 is a fun year, no super rookies, but a set that looks decent and has many stars in it. There was no Topps release that year so the production numbers were a little high which means the set itself isn't terribly valuable. However packs can still be a little pricey, I was lucky to land two for 11 bucks with shipping so I thought I would share them with you folks.

I did film this the same night as the Score pack and the second pack of OPC so everything looks similar. Maybe I should expense my pack costs to Nike. I will hopefully get the missing cards from my 83-84 set posted on my want list soon, so if anyone can help me via trade I would appreciate it.


  1. When it was new, OPC gum would shatter if you dropped it, so soft OPC gum sounds a bit dodgy. :)

    The other thing you could get for 5 wrappers or so was a cardboard locker to store your cards in. That was remarkably effective.

  2. Awesome vids bro...keep it going
    And if your familiar with Jersey Shore (which I'm sure you are) I think it's T-SHIRT TIIMMMMEEE!

  3. @1967ers Did you ever get the locker? I am curious to see what they looked like etc.

    @Michael Thanks for the encouragement, I certainly will have more down the line....including one more with "the shirt". However, Jersey Shore hasn't roped me in yet, but I am aware of them :)

  4. I had three of them, all from between '80-81 and '82-83. They were about 18" tall and maybe 10" wide (guessing) and had slots inside large enough to hold about 2 years' worth of cards per team.

    This guy did a whole post on them.

  5. Very cool, thanks for pointing that out to me. I had never seen that post before but the pictures clearly give you an idea to what it looked like. I never knew it was sorted by team..

  6. I was surprised that they still made them as late as that one the guy had. The ones I had were all 22 slots (handled the old 21-team NHL plus a slot for leader cards and checklists, though that's not what it was labeled). That one needed 24.

    I saw one from the 70s with a couple slots just labeled "expansion team." :)