Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Pentti Lund - TTM

A little while back, I picked up a Pentti Lund RC which prompted me to write him a letter and see if I could get an autograph.

Sure enough he did sign for me, and I got a little more than a bargained for...(in a good way). Check out the story at Dirty Dangle!


  1. Very, very cool!! Personalization is always nice in my book.

  2. Thanks, certainly makes them the most memorable.

  3. Very cool. How do you come across the addresses for the people you write to?

  4. There are a few good places.

    Sports card forum is one good spot:

    The other is The Bench:

    They both have forums too where people can ask others for addresses that aren't listed. I just got lucky with Pentti and did some old fashion research and found it.