Monday, August 15, 2011

First ever video break - Ripping a pack of 93-94 Score

Luke over at the cardboard review just completed a trade with me. I helped him out with his desire for San Jose Sharks and in return I received a couple Devils AND a unexpected pack of 93-94 Score. I have never opened a pack of such product and never created a youtube video so lets cash in both V-cards at the same time!

I was a little awkward making this video, so I probably don't sound very natural, but who gets it right their first time anyway!


  1. hahahaha the kevin stevens card was priceless...nice break bro
    loving Nike rep too

  2. Oh btw if you're still on for the mask design contest could you please e-mail me your design pronto because the winner is being announced tomorrow!

  3. NIKE appreciates the free commercial. Suddenly, I want to buy some new shoes...