Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Alex Delvecchio - TTM

I seem to be averaging one a week right now, hope that rate increases!

Like Pentti, Alex also grew up in the Thunder Bay area. Here is my favourite card of the ones he signed.

Check out the other signature and the rest of the story at Dirty Dangle.


  1. Nice autograph! Did you have to include money? I heard sometimes he won't sign unless you include a donation...

  2. Awesome again! For whatever reason, I was always fascinated by Alex Delvecchio. He was the first player for whom I specifically collected every card from his playing career. (I don't count post-1990 retro cards - just too many.)

  3. Thanks guys..

    @Jess, I heard that he doesn't charge but if you wanted a really quick return (less than 2 weeks, 10 bucks can help) I decided to chance it since I was sending along cards I wouldn't miss...