Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bad Wax Contest and Randomness

Bad Wax has a pretty cool contest on the go, check it out over here if you haven't already.

Been pretty busy, just got back from the final U2 360 Tour show in Moncton. Here are a few videos of what I had a chance to see...please excuse the poor video quality as I had to leave all good cameras at home and use one that was about 6 years old.

Here is the highlight of my Summer!

Here are a couple short video clips

Opening Act - Arcade Fire

Here you get a daytime look at the Claw. Arcade Fire did an excellent job opening for U2. I am a big fan of Arcade Fire and they played mostly songs from Funeral and Suburbs which surprised me as I think the Neon Bible album was one of their best!

Here is U2 entering the stage

They came out to David Bowie's Space Oddity and then played Even Better Than The Real Thing. The concert was absolutely amazing and truly an experience of a lifetime!

I have lots of cards to share that I have picked up over the last month or so and have been too busy to share them so later this week and next week I will get them posted including a pack break or two. I have two 83-84 OPC packs coming soon too as well as some singles.


  1. Looks like a great concert. Arcade Fire and U2 together is like OV and Crosby playing on the same line.

  2. Great call! It sure was, there is already some amazing U2 shot footage of the concert on youtube.