Thursday, December 13, 2012

06-07 Parkhurst JP Parise Auto

The prize pig of the whole lot of 12 cards was this auto from the 06-07 Parkhurst set. The toploader is a little filthy, but I have since fixed that problem and I love the card. JP was actually born about 40 minutes away from where I lived all through High School and I even played in a couple golf tournaments in his hometown of Smooth Rock Falls. I don't recommend it has a tourist destination, but there are many fine people that do live there.

JP was a very solid NHL player who is best remembered for the '72 Series in my opinion, though he did make two NHL all-star games and had cracked the 20 goal barrier 5 times. His son Zach was the Devils captain last season before bolting to Minnesota. I like and respect JP a lot and having his auto was a must. This was the most expensive of the lot costing me nearly 5 dollars with the shipping.

06-07 Parkhurst Autos JP Parise
A very nice auto much like Zach's and done in blue sharpie. I actually have two Zach autos which I will have to share in the near future....only makes sense right?


  1. Awesome card, I never get tired of the '06-07 Parkhurst on-card autos.

  2. I sent a ttm to JP a month or two ago with the 06-07 Parkhurst. It'll be interesting to compare the two.