Sunday, December 9, 2012

76-77 OPC Bobby Orr - A huge step closer

I landed one of the best deals of my life when I managed to assemble over 90% of the 76-77 OPC hockey set for less than I ever thought possible. But, there were some big names missing and which included Bryan Trottier, Marcel Dionne, Guy Lafleur and Bobby Orr. Well I have been chipping away at the set and really I am down to less than 10 cards. Recently I pick up the Dionne at my LCS for 5 bucks and then I found this gem on ebay! 

76-77 OPC Bobby Orr #213
First off, I actually don't own ANY Bobby Orr cards that aren't either leader or all-star/award cards from his playing days. So finding an Orr card was a priority. Secondly, my set is actually in very good shape, the worst conditioned card being my Trottier rookie so I really wanted the Orr to reflect the condition of the majority of the cards. When I began looking for the missing Orr I noticed that it books for 20-50 bucks in the beckett and it sells for that amount typically too. I knew if I was to get a deal it would have to be a test of my patience. Well I must have watched 40 of these sell over the last several months and finally with a max bid of 10 bucks I landed the card pictured above. The card was listed an Nr-Mt OC and I was more than pleased to see the only real flaws are the centering. To be perfectly honest, centering has NEVER really bothered me so this card likely looks better to me than other collectors, but the corners are sharp and the back is beautiful. I will share the full card when I finally finish my set and review it. It turns out that the lockout has even impacted some vintage sales because I bought this card for under 10 bucks shipped! I think this makes me 5 cards shy of the set with two Habs and three commons stand in the way of my completing it!


  1. Sweet card and amazing price, nicely done!

  2. Nice grab!

    And I agree with you that prices seem to be low due to the lockout. I've been able to get a few good deals on eBay but honestly, I'd pay a few bucks more if it mean there were games to watch :(

  3. That Bobby Orr is definitely a need em'...nice pickup!!

  4. how much is this card worth

    1. The book price on this one is about $50 in near mint condition. However, you can find ungraded ones for less depending on condition etc.