Monday, December 10, 2012

10-11 Donruss Jordan Eberle Rated Rookie Auto

When 10-11 Certified came out and I saw the Jordan Eberle rookie I knew I wanted it in my collection. I have loved this kid ever since he first appeared in the WJHC and been a huge fan ever since. I wrote him hoping he would sign a TTM request for me, but no luck. However, in the summer I lucked into my dream card at my LCS and I was pleased to have it in my collection. To this day, it would be considered one of my top 10 favourite cards for sure. 

That same season, Panini produced the much criticized and little loved Donruss product. Personally, I didn't mind it and the price point was meant to be comparable to UD's flagship Series 1 and 2, however, I felt it was more a solid competition for the OPC release which I felt it was superior to that. In the end, the fans didn't agree and boxes are still out there with 2 hits per box and countless rookies online for next to nothing. I actually bought a lot of 27 rated rookies this summer for about 6 bucks plus shipping. There are a few cards in the Donruss release that did hold some value and they are the Rated Rookie Autos. When I saw the Eberle I knew it was just a matter of time before it too would join my collection. With that being said, I wasn't as driven to land it as I was the Certified. Maybe it was because this isn't a true rookie or maybe because I knew it was only a matter of time before a deal was to be had.....

I watched a few of the 100 copies sell and consistently on eBay they were going for 40-50 bucks *final auction price, not buy it now. So I set my max at a number comfortably below that and waited. I would have to say nearly 10 sold in that time period before I landed mine at the price I wanted.... I tried scanning it, but the screwdown made it blurry, so here is the photo of my second favourite Eberle card! 

10-11 Donruss Jordan Eberle Rated Rookie Auto /100
This card is a sticker auto which sucks a little bit. Interestingly enough, he did sign a number on it which he didn't do on his Certified rookie. I suspect he meant to sign 14, but it actually looks more 17ish to me...

Anyway, love the card and this would be my second Rated Rookie auto. I pulled a Zach Hamill (sigh) from my lone box of Donruss.


  1. Awesome card, certainly better than a Zach Hamill!

  2. Nice addition. I am not a fan of stickers autos (especially Panini) but this one doesn't look that bad. I was kind of hoping the Rated Rookies were going to rival the Young Guns, but we all know there's no rival to a Young Gun.

  3. Definitely had to do a double take on the number part of the AUTO but congrats it's a beuty!

  4. I used to have that card! I traded it awy though...