Tuesday, December 11, 2012

05-06 BAP Geoff Sanderson Auto

A while back, I found a huge listing of less attractive autos to some people, but very attractive to me. So I bid on nearly 30 different items and in the end I landed about 12 and the final cost was about 18 bucks with shipping. The most expensive card was about 5 bucks and the cheapest was a penny. Geoff was one of the ones I really wanted and it set me back nearly 2 dollars!

I remember from the early 90's he was a stud. He has back to back 40 goal seasons before he hit a bit of a slump. However, he would be up and down a few more times in his career before finishing with 355 career goals and 700 points. Personally I loved him and the price was more than right so I am glad to finally have a Geoff Sanderson auto in my collection!

05-06 BAP Geoff Sanderson Auto
Not the best auto in the world as you can see. It is a sticker which he went beyond the borders a little bit, but again the price was right and I do like that he numbered it too. He will always be a Whaler to me....

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  1. Very nice! I always thought he was an under-rated player, and tracking down a Sanderson Whalers auto is one thing that's definitely on my list.