Friday, November 2, 2012

Marcel Dionne Auto and Used

A few deals have come my way featuring Marcel Dionne. I do have a TTM from him which set me back 10 bills but both of these cards each clocked in for less than that! Enjoy

11-12 Certified never fails to impress me, here is a nice on card auto numbered to just 99! 

Here is another expo card, this time it is the Ultimate Memorabilia 10th edition. This card is numbered to just 9 copies and I had watched it as an auction a couple of times fail to get any bids. Finally the seller dipped the price to the point where I wanted to lay a bid in and sure enough I was the only one. Hard to believe there aren't any big Dionne fans out there. The scan came out blurry because of the holder, but it is a pretty nice card with a good sized yellow swatch (I love the old Kings yellow).

For those wondering, I will post this weekend details on the Travelling box and we can get this all started up!


  1. Marcel Dionne never gets the hobby love he should. If the 1971 draft had gone the other way and he'd wound up in Montreal, he'd have been deified.

  2. Exactly. Statistically, he's one of the best of all time, but he played with L.A. during the lean years, so no one really cares. The upside, though, is that his stuff is DIRT CHEAP.

  3. Love Dionne and he has a pretty nice sig...great pickups!