Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Ilya Kovalchuk - ITG Superlative Volume 2 Auto

Well, still no end in sight to this LOCK-OUT, so on to wishful thinking. I picked up another Kovy auto for my collection (free of charge) thanks to eBay dollars. The card is from the ITG Superlative Volume 2 release from 2008. I have never bought or seen any of these cards, but in person it is a pretty simple and nice card. The auto is on card and the back is very plain. It may not be the nicest Kovy card in my collection, it does offer a large and well displayed auto and the price was right!

08-09 ITG Superlative Volume 2 Ilya Kovalchuk A-IK Auto

As you can see, this is limited to just 50 copies. Even though it isn't the rarest or nicest Kovy auto in my collection, I do love it the same as the others and I like that the card is a little thicker in stock and really focuses on just the player's penmanship. If the player didn't have much of a signature the card would clearly suck, but for players with nice autographs, the design works for it.

For those who aren't following the KHL as of Nov 6, Alexander Radulov is leading the league in scoring with 31 points followed by Sergei Mozyakin with 29 points and Malkin and Kovy finish out the top 4 with 28 and 26 points respectively. Of the four, Kovy has the highest points per game and highest +/- rating. If Kovy kept this pace in the NHL for a full 80 game season he would have 45 goals and 130 points. 130 points in the NHL would smash the Devils points in a season record (Elias has it with 96), a fella can dream right?

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