Sunday, November 18, 2012

BAM! A Linden card, finally

As I have mentioned before, sometimes people's passions are contagious and I end up trying to land a card into my collection that I might not have ever considered before. Other times, I happen to like the player and I just haven't had the chance to chase one of their cards yet. Linden is a combination of the two for me. In the early 90's I really respected him as a player and I would always keep an eye on how well he was doing on the west coast. There was even a time where I wanted to include Linden as a possible baby name for what would be my first born (son).  My wife wasn't a Linden fan (both name and player) so needless to say that won't be used at any point in our current naming process.

Back to Trevor, at some point he was traded to the east coast where he would bounce around a little between NY, Montreal and Wash. It was a dark time in my opinion and I sorta lost track of him from 97-02. When he returned to Vancouver, I began watching him again, but of course time wasn't on his side at this point and even though he was productive, he wasn't the same game changer he once was.

Nevertheless, my collection which is loaded in 89-90 Linden rookies, didn't contain a single autograph. I have watched countless auctions and it turns out that his autos rarely can be found on the cheap (Brett I know your pain now) and his low numbered ones run for prices that can sometimes challenge Crosby and Lemieux cards. Patience is a virtue and I was rewarded finally with this one for 99 cents plus shipping.

True it is a typical modern BAP signature card with a sticker, I still like it because the auto is front and centre and looks pretty sharp. Sometimes I see he will sign his number with the auto, but that wasn't the case here.

Happy to land this one and who knows, maybe a second will come some day.


  1. Hey, hey! Great looking card.

    That's the down side to sticker autos....gotta keep the options open - so no number signed with the name. It could be on a NYI jersey (32), or a Mtl jersey (14).

    Still, a great card.....and a fantastic price.


  2. :) You are right--Linden is not a possible "name" for this new child either.

    Great post Dave!