Tuesday, November 13, 2012

53-54 Parkhurst Alex Delvecchio

Lately my collecting has certainly been more focused in the past and partially that is due to the lockout and partially that is due to my budget. I picked this little gem up in the summer and like the Milt Schmidt, I was very pleased with the appearance. This card was at a buy it now that I felt was a little steep, especially because the seller said it had a bad corner but was still calling it Excellent. 

Personally, I have got to the point were I put NO FAITH in what the seller grades it as and I just do the best I can with the scan and pay for what I see. The price was too much for me, so I went rather low, but not too low to not get a counter and after I exhausted all my counter-offers we arrived at a price that I was willing to pay. The book value is 100 bucks ( in near-mint condition) because it is his third-year card. I personally think the card is a safe EX when it arrived I noticed the bottom half is a little rough, but the back is nearly flawless. The colouring is also pretty great and I am extremely pleased to have this in my collection. Right now this card is counting double (one for my PC and one for my 53-54 Set). I think this is card number 13, but at this stage I am not too sure as my total number is approaching the low 20's so maybe I will just run a few posts with the other cards and leave a final total after the last post. 

Anyway, here is the Alex Delvecchio which currently is the oldest one in my collection.

Love the action shot on the card, Alex has a few neat action shots in the early Parkhurst sets. He has two from the 54-55 set which feature him in action against the Leafs. Any one have an idea whose head is next to Alex? Mostly curious, but also gives me a greater appreciation for this piece of art!


  1. That's really nice. So many of those cards show age-browning and that one doesn't.

    I never really trust people's grading either. There are a few people where I know how they call things and I'm comfortable with them, but others put NM to get clicks and then the card has visible dings.

  2. Fantastic add...one day I will start chasing those..