Monday, November 19, 2012

A couple more Gil's

I was at my LCS this summer and I found something in the dollar bin that peaked my interest. There were two random and rough looking Gilbert Perreault autos. What made them different was they were signed Gil. I received my first and only Perreault auto a while back and it was a TTM which cost me 5 bucks instead of his new price of 10 bucks. In that auto, which I am positive it is authentic, he signed it Gilbert. So were these ones fakes, forgeries or the real deal? I did a little digging and it looks like he does/had signed autos at one point with Gil. In fact, his 74/75 card lists his name as Gil Perreault, so it is entirely possible that he did sign that way. I am not sure what time period it was, but some of the older autos I have seen around of his did have Gil rather frequently so I felt confident enough to drop two bucks on these cards and save them from the dollar bin.

 Here is his 76/77 OPC card, his full name is on there. I like this card because I am currently working ont he set and I think that it goes well with the project.

This is his 74/75 OPC card, every bit as rough as the first one. It looks like whoever owned this card first, had it taped down and then pulled it off the sheet to get it signed because his auto is over the tape residue. The guys at the LCS said they found it buried in a collection they found and just shoved it in the dollar box because they had no idea if the card was legit.

I am pretty sure these are authentic...I might even go as high as 90% on that. Of course, I will never really know for sure and they aren't really worth authenticating either. I think the 74/75 is available for trade bait if anyone wants it, I would be more than happy to ship it off for another auto of someone I like or don't have.


  1. Hah, nice grabs! For a dollar how can you really go wrong?

  2. The story behind the cards is great enough that the authentication would kind of cheapen know what I mean??

  3. Very great point Robert, I actually agree....I have an even cooler auto story that I will share soon and I will never authenticate for the same reason.