Monday, November 5, 2012

Cool Goalie Masks - Grant Fuhr

When it comes to goaltender mask I am definitely a fan, but I would never call myself fanatic. I enjoy seeing them on cards as part of the goalie's attire, but the whole Pinnacle Masks thing from 90's was a little lost on me as I never saw why a photo of a mask would carry such a high premium.

Nevertheless, I did and do goalie mask and cards I have just never bought a card for that reason....until this summer.

Browsing my LCS I saw this beauty for 3 dollars and I talked them down to a toonie and took it home.

08-09 The Cup #46 Grant Fuhr
This card oozes cool. Sure it is from the most supreme of hockey sets "The Cup", but look at the sweet pads and that mask is just awesome. For some reason, I never remember Grant Fuhr catching right, but I guess that is the difference between memory and fact.

Here is the back of the card, a nice close-up of the mask again and a snap-shot of Fuhr's numbers between 86-91. The GAA and SV% were never any good but Fuhr always stopped the last shot and the win was more often his than not. Wayne always said if the game was on the line, he wanted Fuhr in goal and I guess that must count for something too!

In all, I just love this thick piece of cardboard and really it is a nice card that I just couldn't pass up. I don't own many Cup cards so this is a nice addition just based on the face that I don't have many to begin with, but certainly is an awesome addition because of the sweet photo/mask.


  1. Great card! I only have 2-3 Cup cards and they are SO thick that storing them is a bit of a pain...

  2. Very Very True. I have many cards in top-loaders myself, so I just store them in those bins.

    What made you buy your Cup cards? Players? Price?

  3. That mask is great. His mini in the 2009-10 Champ's set features the same--albeit cropped--photo.