Thursday, February 24, 2011

Troy Crowder with a side of fries

Yesterday I received two treats in the mail. The first was an autograph request from my favourite enforcer of all time. Troy Crowder was only with the Devils for 69 games but my memories from him with the organization seem to be more vivid than some players who had been with the Devils for twice that time!

Here is the first match between the two heavyweights.

Bout 1 of their famous two fight game

Bout 2 of their famous two fight game

Here is an autograph from the 90-91 UD Set. This is his RC.

Here is a card from the 91-92 OPC Premier Set. Much higher production number than the 90-91 Set. As you can see Crowder found himself with Detroit after two part seasons with the Devils.
These cards were sent out on the 21st of Dec and I received them on the 24th of Feb.

I received some other mail this week. Sal over at had an all-star contest and these are my consolation prizes. I actually almost won the contest if it wasn't for a goal with 33.6 seconds left. I had picked St. Louis to score the game winning goal which was the case for about the last 5 min of the third until Mr. Staal made it a one goal game.

These are the hologram cards from the 91-92 UD McDonalds set. Sal sent me what I feel are the two best from the 6 produced.

I actually only learned to appreciate how good Neely was after he retired. He accomplished a lot in such a short period of time. Much like another Boston hero, it was his knees that cut his career short. I think his 50 goals in 44 games should be recognized as a true 50 in 50. I don't think it should be team games that they measure it by but the players games. What do you think?

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