Thursday, February 3, 2011


Well we all know when an NHL player scores 3 goals in a game they have a hat-trick. Then if a player scores 9 goals in a game they have an Ovechtrick. But what about everything in between? Well here is my attempt at naming the others.

1 goal in a game - scoring

I don't see a need to name something goalies have been able to do.

2 goals in a game - Sykoratrick

Petr Sykora has managed to score 30-2 goal games before getting his first hat-trick.

3 goals in a game - Hat-trick

Why mess with a good thing?

4 goals in a game - Gretztrick or Bosstrick

These two guys both scored 4 goals in a game 9 times. Mike did it in a much shorter career!

5 goals in a game - Franztrick

Other players have done this but I am going to give it to the Mule in light of his recent achievement.

6 goals in a game - Lalondetrick

Back on Jan 10 1920, Newsy became the first player in NHL history to reach 6 in a game.

7 goals in a game - Malonetrick

Three weeks later that same year, Joe Malone scored 7 goals in a game which is still an NHL record.

8 goals in a game - Benoittrick

This feat has been accomplished in the CHL three times. Mathieu Benoit (a NJ draft pick) is the only one of the three to NOT turn that accomplishment into an NHL career. Stephan Lebeau and Normand Aubin each scored 8 goals in a game and went on to play in the NHL. So with that being said, I have decided that allow Benoit that shred of notoriety over Lebeau and Aubin who have accomplished a little more than scoring 8 goals in a junior game.

9 goals in a game - Ovechtrick

Thanks to Verizon for coining the term, here is a funny
video explaining it:

Here is my favourite Franzen card from my personal collection. Its from 05-06 UD Series 2 and I pulled this one from a box I bought attempting to get an Ovechkin (didn't happen).

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