Monday, February 14, 2011

Hockey Card Day In Canada Results

Well my day can be categorized into three sections: Good, Bad and Ugly
Much like my favourite movie, there was much going on and some surprises to say the least.

For starters, there was no card shop within an hour of my house that was participating (mainly because there aren't any real card shops) so I had a bit of a trek to begin.

The Good:
First place I went to was my favourite shop in Halifax and they gave us two packs (one for me and one for my wife) and from there I opened the pack with the one and only card I wanted. Jordan Eberle. (though I wouldn't mind completing the set)
To me this kid is a Canadian Hero! He has already scored more important goals than Alex Ovechkin and he is not even 21 years old.

The last one is really funny!

The Bad:
The only other two stops I had time for did not EXIST! Clearly someone has scammed Upper Deck into thinking they are an operating card shop because when I went to the advertised locations, I found myself at someone's house or worse yet a locked and empty building.

The Ugly:
This happened after my second disappointment of the day when someone backed into my new car 10 min after my "second" failed stop. Luckily, the damage was minimal (scrapped bumper) but this just seemed to be a continuation of a stretch of some bad luck for me.

The silver lining in this is there is a card shop in Dartmouth that has been nice enough to set aside a couple of packs for me so it looks like I might be able to complete my set after all.


  1. nice. it took me 5 packs to get a set...

    and please, report those phony shops to Upper Deck, would you? They might ignore you, but we can have hope...

  2. Wow...I feel for you bro...
    And I was gonna say the same thing as cap'n...go for it!