Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Parkhurst Project cards 4 + 5

Been a little while since I have had a Parkhurst post, so here we go. I picked these two cards up in the fall from Ebay.

The first card I got was Jim Thomson. As you can see the card has rounded corners and tape marks. No creases though, and the colouring is pretty decent.

Jim or Jimmy as he was often called spent almost his entire 13 year career in Toronto with one season (his last) in Chicago. He was one of Toronto's best defensemen of all-time, playing in 7 straight all-star games and making NHL second all-star twice. What Toronto fans might remember him best for is the 4 Stanley Cups he won with them during his career(which is more than a third of the franchise total of 11). This card lists his 50-51 stats which were the best single season stats for his career. That particular year he also finished in the top 30 for scoring and 8th in the league for assists.

The second card was Reg Sinclair. This card has a couple creases and is in pretty poor condition. The colouring isn't the greatest though I do want to point out that mint versions of this card also appear to be doing that strange thing around his skates! It looks as though he was giving the camera a snow job.
Reg's career in the NHL was a short one to say the least. He just played 3 seasons two with the Rangers and one with the Red Wings. He did put up an 18 and 20 goal season which is why I find it strange that he was out of the game so quickly. In fact, he even played in the NHL all-star game two out of his three seasons. If anyone could add to this mystery I would be very interested to know why he ended his career so quickly. Reg is still alive apparently and I may attempt to write him.

Card #82 and 103 and 4+5 of 105 for my set.
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  1. nice additions. No idea about Sinclair though...

  2. Can't say exactly WHY it was done that way, but what you noticed on the Sinclair is true of every card in that set where someone is spraying ice chips. They didn't use white paint for those, rather they just let the background colour through. There are a number of other places where they do that instead of using white.

  3. Thanks for the info, clearly you have a few of your own! I am without any 52-53 in my collection so far, but I did see some for the first time in person the other day and I liked what I saw. Might be worth starting after I finish this one....actually I would love to have a set from EACH year hockey cards were produced since 51.

  4. A set, or one card of each set? I've been into vintage hockey for 30 years and haven't finished that run yet. :)

    I actually did finish the '51 set 20-some years ago, before prices went goofy. I've been debating upgrading it, but that could be a bit of a pain.

    So I've seen four scans. Where are the rest?