Friday, February 18, 2011

Brent Sutter - TTM

These autographs I received a couple of days before the Kisio ones. I mailed these ones out and got them back all within a span of 3 weeks.

1989-90 OPC

1990-91 UD
Both autographs were done with a black sharpie.

Brent Sutter was a great 2-way player who also has the claim to fame of being one of 6 brothers to make it to the NHL. Brent had the longest NHL career of the brothers and also had the most goals and point. Brent's best season as a player was in 84-85 when he scored 42 goals and 102 points for the Islanders.

When he finished his player career he stayed in hockey by both being an owner and a coach. When the Devils pursued Brent to join them as their head coach I was extremely excited because I felt he was going to be our missing puzzle to get us back the the Stanley Cup. He didn't disappoint in the regular season coaching the Devils to 99 and 106 point season respectively, but come playoff time the team just didn't seem to have anything left in the tank and fell in the first round both times.

Brent then left and his departure didn't sit well with many Devils fans, but often we forget how human these people are and how they have families and lives outside of the game and it really wasn't working for Brent to live in NJ and have a family in Alberta. Brent is currently coaching the Calgary Flames and has been for the last 2 seasons.

The Sutter tradition does continue as his son Brandon is playing in Carolina and he has nephew Brett who is also in the same organization as Brandon.

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