Friday, April 25, 2014

Parkhurst Project Card 33 - This is a big one

Card 33 is a card that I dreaded having to add and I knew if I was going to land it eventually, it was going to need to be in rough condition given my budget. However, the copy I did end up adding was much better than I thought it was going to end up being. 
Tape is a huge detractor for some but apart from a very light crease and tape its in great shape.

As many vintage collectors know, card number 1 usually has some impressive premium and when you consider this card number 1 is of a HOF'er you know the book value of 500 is due to the fact there aren't many of these cards in good condition any more and Canadien collectors will pay the extra dollar for a good one. I am just thankful card number 1 isn't Maurice Richard because it could have been the most expensive card in the set. If Elmer Lach was card number 2, this would have easily just been a $200 dollar card. What is a pet peeve of mine is sellers listing this card as a rookie (even hockeydb labels it a rc), which is false because Elmer has a card included in the 1940-41 OPC V301-2 set. It is actually card number 125 and books for 200 dollars. This card would represent his second card and it exceeds his rookie which is over 10 years older by 300 dollars. What some people don't know is there are a few cards in this set which aren't rookies and they include Lach, Dumart, Schmidt, Broda, Conacher and Abel.

What are your thoughts on tape? Does a card having tape on it immediately render it in poor condition? I honestly don't know what condition I would put this card in, without the tape it is very much a VG condition card but the tape certainly hurts its condition. However, if this card was severely creased and had no tape on it,  would it be better than this one with little creasing and tape? I am tempted to try and remove the tape but that opens a whole new world and some feel there are ethical issues with doing something like that to this card.  

The colours on the card are very vibrant and clear which wasn't always the case with cards from this set so the fact that Elmer shines and has original gloss only adds to my appreciation in spite of the tape.

Here is the back side of the card, pretty clean looking but certainly not perfect. I am not too picky with how the backs of these cards look given they are blank backs but still a nice looking back is always a bonus.

So this knocks off another one of the dreaded 11 and since I know have Harvey, Delvecchio and Lach that leaves just 8 whales left to capture. I feel great about adding this card but if I could land Sawchuk, Howe or Richard someday soon I think that will feel even better.


Card # 1 and # 33 of my set

Percentage Complete:


Cost of the Card:

$39.00 including shipping

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  1. Very nice! And that card is tough, tough. Mine falls into the category of "severely creased, no tape." I can't say which is preferable.

    I wouldn't try to remove it. Whether you prefer tape or no tape and creases, paper loss is worse than either. There are actually services to remove tape, but I've never tried it.

    1. Good to know, I know some people are greatly opposed to those services and if I ever did go down the road it would just be to make the card look better for me and not to re-sell...but something about the condition the card arrived at appeals to me and I like to keep it in that condition since it is all history to that specific card.

  2. Do the guides call this his RC? I know that Sid Abel also has a card in that 1940-41 set and they don't refer to the Parkie as his RC.

    I'm mixed as to what I think of the V301 sets. Even though OPC made them, I tend to lump them in with Bee Hive and Crown Brand photos. I don't write the guides, though.

    1. The Beckett which is the golden standard does NOT call it a rookie. However, many sellers online and all list it as a rookie for reasons I don't know. I agree some of those old OPC cards seem very Bee Hive like but I think the difference for me is you had one season and something new came out where the old Bee Hives were printed for more than a decade..

  3. Wow, super rare card, nice job in ANY shape Dave!