Friday, April 11, 2014

13-14 Select Alex Chiasson Prizm Auto Rookie /99

Each season I do my best to try and land one rookie/auto from key rookies. A little while back Matt ripped a pretty great box of Crown Royale and I noticed he had a very nice Alex Chiasson rookie. I made an attempt to woo it from him but nothing having anything cool enough to match that card I decided to look elsewhere. Using some cash I got from selling some cards I had doubles of I was able to buy this baby (not as cool but at least fits the hole). 

13-14 Select Alex Chiasson Prizm Auto Rookie /99
 White swatch is no problem here, the shine and bling off this card actually makes it look cool. Sticker auto also no problem, these rookies are the best of the year still...

Here is the back, numbered to 99. Check out that NHL start! 6 goals in his first 7 games. I think this kid will be a gamer and Dallas will be pretty strong in another year or so.

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