Monday, April 14, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen, this year's Art Ross Trophy Winner

Sidney Crosby was far and away this year's Art Ross trophy winner, winning by 17 points over Ryan Getzlaf. While Tavares and Malkin both got hurt down the stretch, Sid was averaging 1.3 points per game which is 0.1 more than Malkin was who finished second in the league in that category. A little while back I traded in a bunch of doubles and extra cards at my LCS and walked away with two very cool Sidney Crosby rookies. 

05-06 UD MVP Sidney Crosby Rookie
 Like this card because of the Silver Facsimile auto on the front. The picture could have been bigger but all in all still a nice card. This card is also in fantastic Nrmt-Mt condition with no visible flaws.

Here is the back, I like that they list his birth place as Cole Harbour which not all of his cards do.

05-06 Fleer Ultra Sidney Crosby Rookie
The better card I picked up though was this one. With the MVP rookie I have two low end Crosby rookies (Parkhurst is the other) but finally I have a mid-range rookie. While this one books for far less than the Young Gun (80 dollars for Ultra Rookie and 300 for his Young Gun), I still feel that it is nearly on equal footing. I took this scan from the internet because my Crosby Rookie is in a screwdown which doesn't always scan that well. Like the MVP, mine is in AMAZING shape...definitely 9+ worthy (amateur opinion of course).

There you go, award season has already begun and here is my tribute to the Art Ross Winner. Congrats Sid! May you win 8 or 7 more in your career.

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  1. Very jealous of those two! Getting a Crosby rookie is on my list but I always seem to find something else whenever I've got the funds. Someday. Great score on those.