Thursday, April 10, 2014

Parkhurst Project Card 32

Card number 32 is another big one off the list. When you look at the 51-52 Parkhurst set, there are 105 cards and many of those are HOF'ers. 37 of the cards in the set book for over 100 dollars so when you can get one of those 37 you really feel like you made some progress. Well card 32 for me is a HOF'er and he does book for $150 so this is a nice one to cross off the list.

1951-52 Parkhurst Allan Stanley Rookie
One of my favourite sellers posted a few Parkies and I snatched this one up immediately. The condition of this card is very nice and apart from being diamond cut and a little colour bleeding on the upper left, this really is a superb card. Good sharp corners and crease free are characteristics that get me excited about buying a Parkie.

Allan Stanley is a HOF defenseman who had the nicknames "Snowshoes" and "Silent Sam" because he apparently was a pretty slow skater. When you consider that fact and look at the picture on his rookie card, I can't help but laugh. It appears he is skating on his ankles or doing some sort of reverse snow plow in the picture. Don't let that fool you though, Allan was an excellent stay at home defenseman who won 4 Stanley Cups and was a 7-time NHL All-Star. He also made the NHL 2nd All-Star team three times. If not for Doug Harvey, Allan would have also won the Norris Trophy in 59-60 but I am sure a few defensemen could have said that too.  


Card # 94 and # 32 of my set

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$31.91 including shipping and exchange rate

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  1. Thank you very much! I was a little worried there would be a major defect that I couldn't live with given its nice price and some other cards the seller had at about the same price weren't as nice but given many don't know him anymore I suspect the seller just wanted to unload it.

  2. Congrats! Just for fun I looked on Google Images. Here's a signed copy of the photo your card is based on:

  3. That's in fantastic shape! Congrats! I think they also used that pic in '52 and '53, so you can see it a little clearer. :)

  4. @Hackenbush and @1967ers thanks for the great comments. I checked out the pic and I swear his right ankle is not something something natural!

    1. It looks as though he's just about to deke left (his left) around the photographer and I'm sure it would all have looked natural in motion, but man, it looks odd.