Monday, April 28, 2014

Back Checking - Damien Brunner SPx Rookie

SPX is one of those products that Upper Deck has always put out and it has its own specific following. I personally am usually a fan because you get nice rookie auto/event worn cards in boxes and the prices of them are often around the same price as young guns except you get the added bonus of serial number and of course the auto. I bought a box a few years back of 08-09 and gave myself a chance at a Stamkos. Sadly the box didn't have a Stamkos but I felt I broke even with my hits. I also have bought singles from this set over the years like a Hornqvist Rookie, Getzlaf Rookie and Kopitar Rookie just to name a few. I recently was able to land a Damien Brunner SPx rookie for about 2 bucks plus shipping.    

13-14 SPx Damien Brunner #169 Auto Rookie /499
 Here is the front side of the card, nice looking design with a cool foil treatment. I have a few Brunners thanks to fellow collectors but no auto so I fixed that with this card.

Here is the back side of the card and what I found very curious was the message from the grave. Apparently, my card has a legit auto from Damien Brunner, but what the heck are those scraps of fabric on the front? Event used? Player worn? Game used? No idea, no mention of their origins. For all I know, they were worn by Richard P. McWilliam.

Upper Deck, if you are reading this: Please stop putting Richard's guarantee on the back. A guarantee from Richard is like buying an iPod from Steve Jobs and trusting he will back up the craftsmanship.Second, rather than waste all that space with your guarantee, take a page from Panini and just state what it is and you back it up (Autograph and player worn/game used memorabilia is certified by Upper Deck)

I know I will never know if it is worn or game used or even if it is from a Red Wings or Devils jersey. But once upon a time, Upper Deck used to tell you these things, and I wish they would get back to doing just that, even if it means they have to admit to some strange Franken-cards (Like the Lindros card I have with a Rangers pic, Maple Leafs emblem and it contains a piece from a Flyers jersey).

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