Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Yak-tacular parcel from Matt P.

I finally crawled out from the rock I have been stuck under called life! Been far too long since my last post especially since I have been hanging on to a beauty parcel from fellow blogger Matt P at Cardboard Conundrum. Matt and I have made several trades over the years and a couple weeks ago he gave me the heads up that a parcel was coming my way. Well not knowing what to expect especially since we didn't make a formal trade, I was absolutely floored by what he sent.

The package was actually a pretty big box and inside was a retail tin of Titanium. The first thing that met my eyes was Nail!

13-14 Titanium Nail Yakupov Oversize Rookie
This is a 5x7 rookie of Yakupov who I have been trying to scoop up some cards of while I can still afford to collect him. This was a nice addition to my collection, thanks Matt.

13-14 Black Diamond Jersey Nail Yakupov
More Yakupov! Here is my first player worn card for Nail. Nice to see the blue and orange swatches together. This card is just plain cool and a welcome addition to my collection. 

13-14 Upper Deck Damien Brunner Young Gun
Here is another card that is a great addition to my collection. I have been wanting to land a Brunner to my collection and when my boxes yielded nothing I was on the look out but hadn't been able to land one yet. Instead, Matt sends one my way and saves me all the trouble. Not only does he send one, but he sends a second!

13-14 Artifacts Ruby Damien Brunner Rookie /299
Check it out, a Brunner in a Red Wings uniform. Damien is with the Devils this and next season so having a couple rookies is a must in my opinion. Awesome stuff Matt, thanks!

11-12 Limited Mattias Tedenby /299
The final card in the awesome package was a Mattias Tedenby card. This is actually my first Limited base card and I am happy to give poor Teddy some love. This kid has been sent up and down like a paddle ball for the last few years and even suffered a gruesome accident last season in the AHL. I do wish Teddy the best and if he can learn to play both ends of the ice and play stronger on the puck he does have a future with the Devils.

Well there you have it, an absolutely awesome package from Matt P. Matt, many thanks once again, this was totally fun and unexpected your package is going on its way today or tomorrow so I hope you enjoy it too! 


  1. Glad that you liked the cards. I hate the oversized cards and have no use for them, so I was happy that it found a good home.

    1. Well seriously thank you again! At first I didn't care for large cards either but with me collecting Bee Hives from the 50's and the 80-81 OPC Super set I have started buying the right materials to store and display them so I am loving it!

  2. I don't know if it's just me or what....but this year's Artifacts is the best design of that product I've seen. Looks awesome.

    Great stuff!

    1. Completely agree with you. The one downer is the foil can damage easily but the cards are absolutely awesome looking.