Thursday, February 6, 2014

13-14 Select Nail Yakupov Auto Rookie /399

Well get'em while they are cheap! I had some money left over in my paypal account after getting a good deal on my Mackinnon and I was able to find an amazing deal on a Yakupov from the same set as well. This pairs up really nicely with the Mackinnon.

13-14 Select Nail Yakupov Auto Rookie /399
Again these don't scan worth a darn but they are sure nice in person. I love them a great deal more than Young Guns and they can be had for about the same price! Nail really should have been a finalist last season for the Calder but I think being first overall expectations were a little higher which is why he didn't get any love. This season he has had some sophomore blues but he has 4 points in his last 5 games and is even a plus 2 during that stretch. Many are quick to give up on this kid but he is very talented, 20 years old and plenty of hockey ahead of him. I suspect he will be a slow developer but in about 3 years he will be among the top 10 in scoring perennially. 

Buy low people and hang on to them. 

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