Wednesday, February 12, 2014

11-12 Rookie Anthology Adam Henrique /99 Part Deux

Keeping on the Henrique theme until I get some of my set action sorted out and my huge surprise posted I am going with something that may look familiar. Same set, different card. 

11-12 Rookie Anthology Adam Henrique /99
This time it is 72/99 which has a different seam piece. Still in nrmt-mt condition and still signed by the man. The other thing that is different about this card then the other is the price. With a bit of change in my paypal account, I was able to steal this for half the price of the other one. Two Henriques, nearly identical and completely awesome.

Next post is some amazing collector kindness!


  1. Very nice! That is definitely a slick looking card right there.

  2. Thank you very to have two with different swatches.