Friday, February 21, 2014

Parkhurst Project Card 29

Since my last update I have managed to land two more of these. While my pace is very very slow to say the least, I am pleased to be reaching a milestone once I am finished updating so for that I am very pleased. I think my goal going forward is to try and land as many as I can in at least as good of condition as Gaye Stewart is in. While it is a long way from mint, there are no massive creases or damage that was the result of spending a day in someone's pocket. The corners are worn and it has seen many hands, but in all it still looks rather attractive for being 63 years old.

Gaye was born in Fort William which is the same side of Thunder Bay I was born on. Gaye's claim to fame was he beat the Rocket Richard for the Calder Trophy as league's top rookie in 1943 which is amazing feat especially when you consider the fact that Gaye was two years younger than Maurice Richard. Gaye would win two Cups in his career and a variety of other awards including a first and second all-start team honours. Like many players of his generation, Gaye also stopped his NHL career to help the Allied forces in WWII for two years before coming back and playing every bit as well as he had in his Calder Trophy winning season. While he may not have made it into the Hall of Fame, Gaye is one of the better players to come out of Thunder Bay and he is a welcome addition to my growing set.  


Card # 99 and # 29 of my set

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  1. Gee Dave--seems like I have story for whatever you post---during the summer that Cujo signed with the Leafs, I learned Mr. Stewart lived in Burlington (as I did at the time). I phoned him up and askrf if he would sign my cards--this was on a Monday and he said he was leaving town for a few days--could I call back on Thursday--I did, he invited me over and we sat in his backyard discussing the Cujo signing, the state of hockey and his grandson--he introduced me to his wife when she came back from shopping--I decided it was probably the time to leave--great time talking with him and one of my better memories

  2. Wow, that is a pretty amazing story. Did he seem like he was a huge fan of the game still? Did he like the changes? I really would love the change to chat with someone like Gaye who was a great player in their day and has had the chance to really see the game evolve.