Monday, July 1, 2013

Wow, that was not the draft I was expecting.

Short post here today, I have a new scanner that I haven't hooked up as of yet. I have a busy day today hosting a neighbourhood BBQ for Canada Day and we just finished hosting the 2013 NHL draft and the Devils who don't have another first round pick until 2015 shipped our 9th overall pick to the Canucks for Cory Schneider.

Funny how a card in your collection all of a sudden becomes much more relevant. 

08-09 OPC #703 Cory Schneider Rookie
This scan was borrowed from, but this is my only Schneider rookie at this point

I really think the trade was a good idea, but time will tell if Cory is the real deal or not. In the meanwhile, any Canucks fans looking to unload their Cory Schneider autos and rookies please feel free to contact me.


  1. I thought it was a good trade for both teams, now all Vancouver needs is a goaltender....(!)

    1. Hahaha....maybe with a less talented back-up Luongo will shine again. I think it was a pretty good deal especially for us. I don;t know if there was a goalie of Schneider's calibre in the draft, I do speculate that Fucale could be a good one, but he is a few years away where Schneider could be number 1 in the event of a Brodeur injury.