Tuesday, July 16, 2013

10-11 Heroes and Prospects Update Box Break

Been pretty crazy around here and I have had little time to get up some posts of a few breaks I did recently. So first up is my 10-11 Heroes and Prospects Update Set. 

I bought this because I did have the 10-11 H&P regular set and I thought it would be nice to have the update to go with it and the price was more than right on the box/set at 24.99. Two hits for 24.99, why not.

Auto Hit
Not a bad start, with H&P sometimes you will get autos from players who can't or never will make the NHL but here I got myself a NHL regular. Matt had 8 goals and 5 assists in 42 games last season with the Ducks.

Game Used Hit
Whoa! My first 1/1 wasn't that great but my second 1/1 ever is pretty soild. Ryan Murphy is a very talented offensive defenseman who I remember representing Canada this past Dec/Jan at the WJHC. He moves the puck very well and even though he is a little smaller than some defensemen I don't remember him being too much of a liability in his own end either. My only complaint is that this 1/1 isn't labeled 1/1 and I had to find out online what the print number was, but I guess that is ITG for you!

In all a very great box especially considering you also get 50 base cards featuring some pretty good players who are still kids in the minors and the NHL. The last two cards are Theo Fleury and Eric Lindros too which are also fun base cards to own.

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