Sunday, July 28, 2013

65-66 Coca-Cola Alex Delvecchio

Part of being an Alex Delvecchio collector means that I have to decide if I am going after some of the food and confectionery cards. The answer is yes! I have some Bee Hives already and now I have my first Coke.

1965-66 Coca-Cola Alex Delvecchio
 I love these cards! They are a little larger than your standard OPC or Topps card, but they are just as easy on the eyes. I have one more to share that is even cooler than this believe it or not. Just a perfect B&W headshot of Alex.

What I like most about this set is how complete the stats are on the back. Almost unheard of at the time to have complete NHL regular season and post-season stats. As you can see, Alex was good regardless of the time of year. Please forgive the pink tinge on the front and back, they don't actually appear on the card, but my old scanner for some reason tinged them. I should have scanned them with my new scanner, but alas I am limited on time and am pretty lazy. I do really like these cards and might some day consider tracking down the complete set of 108 cards which currently is books for about 400 bucks. Alex is by no means a super expensive card as it only books for about 5 bucks, but as I said before, I do have a fun one to share next post!


  1. I got four of the Blackhawks cards a couple of years ago. Nice vintage cards for the ol' collection.

    1. Very cool, which ones did you get?

    2. See for yourself: