Thursday, July 4, 2013

Fun cards in my collection - 73-74 OPC Larry Robinson Rookie

I am going to take a page from Tim over at the or, I am going to share some cards on occasion from my collection which really have nothing to do with anything going on in the hockey world other than I like them a lot and I want to share them with the world and my kids when they are old enough to read this blog.  So my first fun card in my collection is Hall of Fame Defenseman Larry Robinson's rookie.

72-73 OPC #237 Larry Robinson Rookie Light Back
Looking at the front of the card you can see many of the issues that exist with this set. Some choppy cutting, a little off-center and some colour loss on the border. The card also has a little corner wear, but I would be very confident to say that this card is in excellent condition! There are no creases on the card and it is very sharp looking in person. I love the look of Larry's mustache, he seems to be able to sport the handle bars really well. I just think this card is exactly what many cards from the 70's pretty much looked like, lots of studio shots with players not really playing hockey. This is Larry's only rookie since the Topps release was limited to 198 cards. With that being said, this card as a result books for a little higher than it may have if there was a Topps version. Book price as of July 2013 is $80 on the high end and $40 on the low. To be completely honest, when you do see these online there really aren't many steals to be had like other players, and I think it is because there is only one rookie and Montreal players tend to be highly collectible especially when it comes to HOF'ers. I had huge respect for him as a player even though I only saw him at the end of his career and his career as a coach is what really endeared him to me because he won 3 Cup with the Devils as either an assistant or head coach.
Here is the back side of the card. Again a very 70's looking back with season totals and a nice write-up with comic. I like the landscape design and I think it is pretty cool that there are two styles of backs with this set. I have a Bill Barber OPC rookie from this set which I thought was a Topps card when I first saw it as a kid, but it turned out it was just a Dark Back version of the 73-74 OPC set. From what I can tell in my limited research there isn't much premium for light or dark backs but some people do prefer one over the other, and others consider a complete set to have both versions.

In all, it may not be a set appreciated by many, but it is one I like and this card is among some of my favourites in my collection.


  1. I've slowly been plugging away at the master set of this (complete set both light and dark backs). My anticipated end-date for the project is "never." :)

    Oddly, the Terry O'Reilly RC is giving me more trouble than Robinson did.

  2. My LCS used to have a really nice one, not sure if they still do or not. But are you looking for a light or dark back?