Monday, July 8, 2013

Pretty bummed about losing Clarkie, a Savard Auto could cheer me up I guess.

As you all know I WAS a huge Clarkson fan. So Toronto fans, congrats on landing what I think is a very good player and if you have seen any Clarkson cards on here that interest you, please contact me. With that being said, once upon a time, Savard left the Windy City to be a Hab (a trade instead of a free agent). Many felt he belonged as a Canadien even though they passed up on him much like all 29 other teams passed up on Clarkson and the Devils were the only club to give him a shot. (The wound is still raw I know).

Anyway, Savard did carve himself a second identity with the Habs and even won a Cup with them. I am not sure what Clarkson's future holds for him in Toronto, but I am pleased Lou has helped the Devils move on and I think we are a much better team now, than we were at the end of the season. Time will tell if that is true or not.

10-11 Luxury Suite Denis Savard Auto

Here is a nice on-card auto of a Hall of Famer and 1000+ point man. I have decided to try and land an auto of every one who has cracked the 1000 point mark and I will post a list someday of my progress. I know lots of other collectors out there have projects similar and I think it would be a fun idea. HOF list might be impossible with all the players long passed away etc, but 1000 point men might be more doable!

Is it me or does his first name look like FERN?


  1. Nice Savard auto. Weird thing about his signature I noticed while looking on eBay. He signs his last name differently sometimes. Not his actual name, but the S in Savard. For example, look at mine:

    Weird, right?

  2. I totally forgot about that post! I really did like seeing him in a Blackhawks jersey, but I guess I settled for a Montreal on here :P.

    Funny thing too because it goes with my Montreal curse as UD revealed my Artifacts Rookie Auto will be none other than Brendan Gallagher. Now I need to decide if it is a keep or trade.

  3. Savard is still one of my favorite players ever. Such a classy guy.