Thursday, July 11, 2013

Alex Delvecchio Beehive Series 3 Home Jersey

I am going to avoid commenting on the obvious because it just seems to be a summer of hurt for us Devils fans. I will say I think Reid Boucher will be the real deal and I am looking forward to seeing him crack the big club.

Beehive Series 3 Alex Delvecchio Home Jersey
There are variations of Alex Delvecchio in the Series 3 release. One is the home jersey you see pictured above. This is the most common version and there is a second version in a white away jersey that is very rare. I will refrain from posting the image because I hope to own one some day and share it that way. This one books for about 20 bucks and the rare one for 200 dollars. Like my other two this is in fantastic condition and I just think it is a very very cool looking photo.

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