Saturday, July 27, 2013

I signed Rostislav Olesz about a day before the Devils did.

About a day before the Devils signed Olesz to a one year deal, I inked him to a lifetime deal for about a dollar-fifty. Like all free agents I guess there way a chance he could have been a Devil, but I clearly picked it up for fun purposes because I didn't have an Ocho-Cinco auto yet. There is no word if he will get that number with the Devils this upcoming season, but I am hopefully he will regain his 14 goal form once again with the Devils. 

07-08 BAP Rostislav Olesz Auto
This card is easily worth 3 times what I paid for it now that he is a Devil and the fact I landed it first just makes it that much more fun. Truth is this card will never be worth more to anyone that it is to me and I like that! I also hope that he does have a fruitful career with the Devils and this upcoming season is slowly shaping up to possibly be an exciting one for us Devs fans.

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