Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Ultimate Bobby Ryan Auto

Or I guess I should have said, a 11-12 Ultimate Signatures Bobby Ryan Auto. A nice on card auto of a guy that used to be known as the guy picked behind Crosby. However, Bobby has shown that he deserved to be 2nd overall and has been scoring very consistently since his break out year in 08-09. He has four straight 30 goal seasons and that streak is likely only going to be broken because of the shortened season. Hard to believe the Ducks have considered trading him like rumours may have suggested, but if he remains with the Ducks (along with Perry and Getzlaf), the Ducks will be a force for a number of years.

11-12 UD Ultimate Signatures Bobby Ryan
A nice on card auto with blue sharpie and his number 9. I like that UD recognizes that Ultimate is a premium product and doesn't use sticker technology with their autos here. I was able to land this as part of the lot deal with my Ryan Johansen.

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